When our prospective students go looking for information about our school and the TOEFL Preparation course that we offer, they want to know more than how much we charge. They also want to know what kind of service we provide, and they want to get an idea for what kind of experience they will have with our school. Therefore, they go looking for information about what others have had to say. The most common source of this information online is feedback. The comments and suggestions of our students and alumni are very important to us since they help us make the educational process at Terra Nova as close to perfection as possible. It is also very important that all our prospective students see this feedback here, which proves the educational process at Terra Nova to be truly democratic and open for constructive criticism. This page contains reviews and testimonials submitted by our students in the 2004-2005 academic year. We would like to thank them all most sincerely for sharing their ideas, opinions, experiences, and feelings. We deeply appreciate their contributions!


From: Viorica Hanchevici
Date: June 25, 2005

Terra Nova's TOEFL Preparation class has a lot of advantages over the English classes of other English courses and schools. The first advantage of the class is a lot of new and interesting information that the students are provided with. Andrei (the teacher) is really smart and handsome; it is the second advantage. The friendly atmosphere that is created in class helps to raise your mood even if you do not feel good or are very tired after a hard day. Another important thing about the class is that the teacher speaks only English with his students; there is no Romanian or Russian, which is just great. It makes all students think only in English, which significantly improves the process of learning. The class is the coolest English class I have ever attended!!! Thanks a lot, Andrei!

Best wishes,

TOEFL Preparation (Spring 2005).

From: Nikita
Date: June 24, 2005

Here is the end of the spring trimester of the TOEFL Preparation class. The time that I spent here flew so fast and it seems like we just started this class some days ago. This class gave me a lot of useful knowledge for TOEFL and for myself. I met here new and interesting people. One of them is our TOEFL teacher Andrei. He is a cool guy. I like how he organized this class. I like that during the class we were engaged not only in studying English grammar, vocabulary and style, writing essays and listening to dialogues, conversations and minilectures but also in speaking on a lot of different topics. That's why I never felt bored after class. Andrei is a very clever man and it is very interesting to speak with him. I saw how he was trying hard to answer all our questions (sometimes these questions were very silly and naive). Andrei is a very hardworking man and that explains how he achieved everything in his life.

Well, in general I would like to say that these two and a half months were very interesting for me and I will never be sorry for the time that I spent in Terra Nova English Language Center. Also, I would like to wish Andrei more good students, good luck and new achievements in his life.

Best regards,

TOEFL Preparation (Spring 2005).

From: Iulia Mandîș
Date: June 23, 2005

Dear prospective students!

Even though 2 months and a half is a short period of time, I can assure you that there is a lot of knowledge to acquire and things to enjoy in the TOEFL Preparation class. I am sure that you will remember this class during all your life.

One important thing which I liked very much was the visits that you can pay every Saturday to watch movies, check your essays or do some additional exercises to prepare for the TOEFL test. Your ability to pass TOEFL will also be checked twice at the end of the course. The modal tests will look almost exactly the same as the real TOEFL test, no cheating, no extra-time and no other information, so prepare yourselves. There is also a skilled teacher who will answer, with all wisdom and politeness, whatever questions you have about TOEFL, American life, economics, politics, social issues, nature, and so on.

If you have time, you can also borrow (free of charge) books and videotapes in English and subtitled. And the last thing is that if you are an industrious student, you will get a certificate of achievement and will visit the National Museum of Ethnography and Natural History of the Republic of Moldova as a bonus, so don't lose your precious time, study hard, and everything will be great.

Iulia Mandîș,
TOEFL Preparation (Spring 2005).

From: Elena Ţurcanu
Date: June 15, 2005

Dear all!

The first thing I wanted to say is that I really enjoyed each Advanced Conversation class and I also want to thank Andrei for being tolerant with all of us and especially with me, as he considers me to be a difficult teenager, while in fact I am not.

The most important reason why I decided to join the class is communication. After having attended your class, I have started to feel more comfortable in our cruel world and have become more sociable and tolerant. Despite many important personal qualities that I developed in myself, I found out many interesting things, I got a lot of new information. I talked on different topics sharing my opinions with the other students and finding out what the others think.

And the last thing I wanted to mention here is that I made new friends, met lots of good people here, especially our teacher who taught us many good things, which we will definitely use in our daily life. He gave us good pieces of advice and a firm shoulder of help when we were in need, which determines him as a friend indeed and a tolerant and generous person who really cares about his students.

In conclusion I want to say that I really had a good time spent with all of you guys, I love you all. :)

Elena Ţurcanu,
Advanced Conversation (Spring 2005).

From: Olya and Yurii
Date: June 5, 2005

Our dearest, dearest friends!

Unfortunately, at the last lesson we forgot to tell you that we're leaving this Tuesday. We will be out of the city for the rest of the summer holidays, but we'll be back at the beginning of September. See you then. :)

We can't live without our favorite Advanced Conversation class. :) We are already missing you. We wish you the best summer holidays.

Sincerely yours,

Olya and Yurii,
Advanced Conversation (Spring 2005).

From: Andrei Cebotari
Date: May 22, 2005

Hello namesake!

Just wanted to write a couple of nice words. What I want to say is that everything is cool and fine, I like your class very much and I am not the only one who thinks in this way.

See ya in class soon,

TOEFL Preparation (Spring 2005).

From: AndersoN
Date: April 2, 2005

Hello Andrei!

I am one of your future students. It took me quite a while to explore your website (a part of it, actually). It is very impressive, I must say. How can you be interested in so many things at once?

From: Irina Oprea
Date: February 01, 2005

Hello everybody!

First of all, I would like to thank Andrei for this wonderful website. It is important not only for those who want to visit his courses, but also for those who have already been studying at Terra Nova English Language Center. I think that this website can be used as a good source of information as well as just for pleasant time spending.

In my experience, Andrei's TOEFL class, which I took in fall 2004, was very interesting and informative. Besides the TOEFL preparation book, there were a lot of useful grammar and style related handouts and tons of home assignments. In addition to this, there were a lot of different activities in class, we discussed many things, talked about Andrei's US experience, which was very helpful not only for taking the TOEFL test but also for understanding the Americans and their life style and values. The Advanced Conversation class I am currently taking is very interesting too. It requires a lot of my participation in different in-class activities and I enjoy doing it. At the lessons we learn and use new and useful vocabulary. I have already learned a great deal about plants and animals (Andrei's wide-ranging educational background seeps through his teaching English :).

Let me use this opportunity to wish you all patience and hope in preparing for the TOEFL test and good luck in taking TOEFL.


TOEFL Preparation (Fall 2004) and Advanced Conversation (Spring 2005).

From: Alex Erhan
Date: January 29, 2005

Dear Andrei,

You've got a good website full of interesting and useful information. Moreover, you've run a very important course for those people who want to take the TOEFL test with excellent scores and enter a university or a college in an English-speaking country. I appreciate your mission. It is extremely important that we have this wonderful opportunity here in Chișinău. Your TOEFL Preparation and Advanced Conversation classes are just great.

With all my respect,

TOEFL Preparation (Fall 2004).

From: ShuraM
Date: January 28, 2005

Congratulations! It's a great site: stylish, modern, and cool-looking.

From: Alina Markoch
Date: January 23, 2005

I like our new web site. It is very nice, interesting, fascinating, informative, cognitive, helpful, etc.

TOEFL Preparation (Fall 2004).