Please, choose a link from a list of websites below and click on it. By clicking on the website links, you will open new windows.

ALFA Typing. Gives you step-by-step instructions about how to learn typing correctly.

Paradigm Online Writing Assistant. A lot of information about how to write informal essays, thesis/support essays, argumentative essays, and exploratory essays.

Online Writing Collaboration Project is the meeting place on cyberspace for English teachers and learners.

The Purdue University Writing Lab Handouts. One of the earliest online writing lab. The Handouts section provides excellent guide to academic writing. There is also a section of English as a Second Language.

Essay Info. Basics of essay writing, writing tips, essay types, citation styles, and so on.

Online Guide to Writing and Research. University of Maryland University College (UMUC) provides this site as an online writing textbook.

Writing Help. Detailed discussion of academic writing, business writing, and technical writing. An excellent online writing handbook.

A Guide to Grammar and Writing. This site gives you help on your grammar. The site also contains computer-graded grammar quizzes.

Technical Writing. An online textbook for technical writing. It's also a good online reference book.

Research Paper Writing. This site has an idea directory in which you may find research questions you are interested in. The Writing Center section discusses general writing concerns as well as English grammar.

Web Style Guide. Yale online design manual dealing with Web design principles and various Web design issues.

Writing Studio. A free, password-protected writing/learning environment that offers WYSIWYG writing tools.

Writers' Workshop at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign.

A Guide for Writing Research Papers based on styles recommended by the American Psychological Association in question-and-answer format.

APA Style. Official website of the American Psychological Association.

Writing for the Web. Research on how users read on the Web and how authors should write.

Essay Writing. A step-by-step guide to essay-writing.

Web Frequency Indexer. Cut and paste in an article, you will get a list of words used in the article, with their frequencies.