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English Vocabulary. Learn the pronunciation and spelling of thousands of words using an image based interface.

Vocabulary Test. Free vocabulary test for TOEFL, GMT, SAT, GRE and more.

Vocabulary Level Test. Take a test to find out your vocabulary size.

Vocabulary Builder. Award-winning vocabulary software, with a free trial version.

Vocabulary University. Learn English vocabulary in context (grades 5-12) with free word puzzles.

Irregular Verbs. A complete list of irregular verbs in alphabetical order.

Vocabulary Training. Test your vocabulary on different subjects.

Building a Better Vocabulary. A good article to guide your study of vocabulary.

5000 Collegiate Words. A list of words in alphabetical order with concise definitions.

SuperKids Vocabulary Builder. Word of the day, hangman, hidden word puzzles, and word scrambler.

Everyday Vocabulary Anagrams. Anagram quizzes by Charles I. Kelly & Lawrence E. Kelly.

Differences between British and American Vocabulary. A list of words and phrases to show American usage and British usage.

GRE Vocabulary. A free site aimed to improve your vocabulary specifically for the verbal section of GRE.

Vocabulary for English Language Learners. Vocabulary activities for all levels.

E. L. Easton Vocabulary. Multilingual dictionaries, vocabulary quizzes by E. L. Easton.

Learning Vocabulary. Word search, hangman, quiz, and match game.

The Academic Word List. The most frequent words in the Academic Corpus.

Vocabulary Improvement Program. Learn English words by studying the roots, prefixes, and suffixes.