Please, choose a link from a list of websites below and click on it. By clicking on the website links, you will open new windows.

SPEAKING MATERIALS. Various speaking materials from Eva L. Easton.

FOCUS ON ENGLISH. This site is dedicated to helping ESL/EFL learners develop conversational English skills.

CONVERSATION QUESTIONS. Conversation Questions for the ESL/EFL classroom from the Internet TESL Journal.

TALK ENGLISH. TalkEnglish.com focuses solely on speaking English. It will help you gain the ability to speak English fluently.

SPEAK ENGLISH TODAY. Join A network of teachers and students from around the world, and start speaking English right away!

CONVERSATION STARTERS. The purpose of this site is to help you learn language that is used in everyday conversation.

ENGLISH CLUB. English Club's Speaking Page can help ESL learners practise the skill of speaking English.

DAVE'S ESL CAFE. A great website with a lot of stuff related to learning and teaching speaking and other English skills.

KARIN'S ESL PARTYLAND. A useful source of materials for teaching listening and speaking.

TEFL LINKS. Several links to improve your speaking skills.