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American English Pronunciation. Exercises for every sound with audio available.

International Phonetic Association. The IPA is the largest and the oldest (established in 1886) representative organisation for phoneticians whose aim is to promote the scientific study of phonetics and its various practical applications.

Mouth Manglers. A fun site with a number of audio files. Listen and repeat many many times to improve your pronunciation.

English Club's English Pronunciation. The website is designed and maintained by English Club for ESL learners wishing to improve their pronunciation. A number of issues, such as word stress, sentence stress, homophones, phonetic spelling, and linking, are discussed.

Sounds of English. Detailed instruction on how to pronounce each sound. The webpage is maintained by Sharon Widmayer and Holly Gray.

Resources for Studying Spoken English. The webpage contains vowel charts and databases.

English Pronunciation Guide to the Names of People, Places, and Stuff. Inogolo is a practical, easy-to-use website devoted to the English pronunciation of the names of people, places, and miscellaneous stuff. The site contains a searchable database of names with both phonetic and audio pronunciations in English. Inogolo offers an OpenSearch-compatible plug-in that that enables searching for name pronunciations directly from your browser's web search box.

Online Language Laboratory. Pronunciation of 9 varieties of English and 9 other languages. Pronunciation samples by over 40 native speakers.

American English Pronunciation Practice. Minimal pair practice and quizzes by Charles Kelly.

ESL Pronunciation Work Page. It is an ESL pronunciation work page, providing a list of online learning activities with the teaching materials and assignments, as well as a list of recommended pronunciation training software.

English Pronunciation. Covering both British and American English pronunciation and accents.

The CMU Pronouncing Dictionary. A machine-readable pronunciation dictionary for North American English containing over 125,000 words and their transcriptions.

Tongue Twisters. The world's largest collection of tongue twisters, with 3660 entries in 118 languages.