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PICTURE DICTIONARY. A completely free, online multilingual picture dictionary designed especially for ESL students.

ENGLISH-SPANISH DICTIONARY. This free bidirectional Spanish language dictionary translates words from Spanish to English and English to Spanish. The translator provides word translations from four different dictionaries to help you learn Spanish.

ENGLISH-FRENCH DICTIONARY. This free bidirectional French language dictionary translates words from French to English and English to French. Has a lot of information about the French language.

ULTRALINGUA. A source of digital language reference tools, primarily software-based dictionaries, and grammar/spelling checkers.

GOOGLE TRANSLATE. An excellent free online translation tool.

TRADUNO. A free online translation tool (including Romanian-English-Romanian translation).

PROMT ONLINE TRANSLATOR. A great website offering free translation and online dictionaries for English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Italian, and Russian from PROMT, a world leader in automated translation technologies.

ENGLISH-GERMAN DICTIONARY. A free service provided by LEO - Link Everything Online.

FREE TRANSLATION SERVICES. English can be translated into Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Portuguese. Just cut and paste the text and click the translation button.

TRAVLANG'S TRANSLATION DICTIONARIES. Online translating dictionaries that can translate many languages exchangeably.

MAJSTRO. Multilingual Translation Dictionary.

ONLINE DICTIONARIES. Bilingual dictionaries of 19 different languages. Enter the word you want to know and get its translation right away.

ENGLISH-ENGLISH DICTIONARY. A short dictionary of some of the differences in word usage between British English and American English.

CAMBRIDGE INTERNATIONAL DICTIONARIES. Online dictionaries of English, idioms, and phrasal verbs.

ONELOOK. A perfect search engine for words and phrases.

MERRIAM-WEBSTER DICTIONARY. An excellent online dictionary.

WIKIPEDIA. A great multilingual, Internet-based, free content encyclopedia project.

INFOPLEASE. A comprehensive reference source that combines the contents of an encyclopedia, a dictionary, an atlas, and several almanacs loaded with statistics, facts, and historical records. A single search engine allows you to search all these sources at once.

META DICTIONARY. This site searches through over 400 dictionaries for the word you type in.

NETLINGO. It contains hundreds of words and definitions that describe the technology and community world of the Web.

ANSWERS.COM. A great site offering free access to millions of topics from the world's leading publishers.

ACRONYM. A big acronym database. New acronyms are constantly added by users.

A WEB OF ONLINE DICTIONARIES. A large collection of dictionaries of different languages and subjects.

ENCYCLOPEDIA MYTHICA. An encyclopedia on mythology, folklore and legend.

THE PHRASE FINDER. Input a word and return a list of phrases.

A MULTI-PURPOSE DICTIONARY. It is a dictionary where you can find rhymes, synonyms, match consonants, and even search for pictures for the word you type in.

ALL WORDS DICTIONARY. An excellent online English dictionary with multi-lingual search.

ASK OXFORD. A lot of free online dictionary resources from Oxford University Press.

HIGHBEAM ENCYCLOPEDIA. Reliable sources, pictures, topic summaries, and more! Get credible answers from published reference sources like Oxford University Press, Britannica, and Columbia Encyclopedia. Find these sources and more at HighBeam Encyclopedia more than 60 million articles!

WEB CONCORDANCER. You can search an online corpus for a word and display all the sentences in which the word occurs.

MAPQUEST. The easy way to quickly access maps, directions, traffic, and more!

THE WORLD FACTBOOK. Learn about any country in the world. The online World Factbook by the Central Intelligence Agency is updated periodically throughout the year.

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