Please, choose a link from a list of websites below and click on it. By clicking on the website links, you will open new windows.

The Grammar Aquarium. You can find the grammar points you want to study and do the relevant exercises.

Interactive English Language Exercises. Great exercises for grammar, vocabulary, and idioms.

ESL Blues. Hundreds of grammar exercises for intermediate level learners.

English Grammar Quizzes. Over 1,000 activities from the Internet TESL Journal contributed by many teachers.

EFL Grammar Quizzes. All kinds of grammar exercises for beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels.

Easy Vocabulary Quizzes with Pictures. You choose one of the pictures to match the word.

Dave's ESL Cafe's Quizzes. Quizzes for geography, grammar, history, and people.

English Lessons and Tests. A lot of tests in the order of difficulty levels.

Online Exercises. A lot of grammar- and vocabulary-related exercises.

World of English. A collection of exercises that covers the most important aspects of English.

Grammar Exercises. A large number of grammar exercises from Perfect English Grammar.

Grammar Exercises. A lot of grammar exercises from English Grammar Online.

Free English Exercises Online. The page contains tons of exercises written by International House Bristol staff.

Interactive English Grammar Exercises Online. The page contains English grammar exercises in the form of ESL quizzes and tests.

EnglishClub Quizzes. Various kinds of quizzes to test your grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation.

TOEFL Sample Test. Forty grammar & structure questions to test your English grammar.

Vocabulary. The website contains six levels of vocabulary exercises.

Flash Quizzes. A multiple-choice quiz created with Flashcard software.