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English Club Business English. Business English Correspondence, Business English Vocabulary, Business Presentation, and Business News in English.

Business English Exercises. There are over 140 exercises of different types, crosswords and hangman games.

Business Writing Tips. An archive of tips on how students can improve their business writing skills.

Guide to Basic Business Letters. It provides the phrases that are usually found in any standard business letter.

American Business Jargon. Over a hundred of American business sayings are defined.

Glossary of Trading Terms. This glossary currently contains over 200 financial terms, definitions and explanations associated with trading and the markets.

Accounting Terminology Guide. An educational tool for journalists who report on and interpret financial information.

Business English. Use these resources to improve your business English skills.

Business Meetings. A hypertext program that takes the form of a decision maze.

Business Week Online. The online magazine carries news articles on current business affairs.

BBC Business English. Business Section of the BBC News with current news articles.

101 Annoying Business Slang Terms, Acronyms and Jargon You Absolutely Hate (But Probably Need to Know). Here is a massive list of all the business slang, jargon, abbreviations, and acronyms Ryan Robinson have compiled from interviewing dozens of millennials in various different fields - broken down and separated by industry.

Business English for Different Topics. A large collection of English reading materials under different topics.

How to Format and Write a Simple Business Letter. Effective business correspondence should be clear and concise, respectful in tone, and formatted properly. By breaking down a business letter into its basic components, you can learn how to communicate effectively and improve your skills as a writer.